El Abrazo

La Vida es una Milonga


Tango is life

People hear catch phrases about Argentine Tango: “It’s the vertical expression of a horizontal emotion” or “It’s a 3 minute love affair” or the ever present “It takes two to tango”. These sayings are all true about the intensely passionate and intimate nature of Argentine tango, but what those who choose to explore beyond these first impressions soon discover is that tango is more than anything an intriguing process of discovery. As such, it is many things to many people:

  • It can be a fun informal dance with a friend in a social setting.
  • It can be an intimate dance with a stranger that will engage all your senses and demand every ounce of focus that you have.
  • It can be a challenging art form that requires intense awareness and a highly developed sense of balance and sharp reflexes
  • It can be a cultural experience that opens windows to far away times and places.
  • It is highly addictive!

It is all this.... and more. Tango offers an exhilarating perspective on life, for those who love loving to live.